Create an Artist Brand Workbook

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To get the most out of this workbook make sure that you do not rush through any of the steps. Take the time to provide thoughtful answers. This is all about your online art business and you want to build a brand that will reflect your beautiful artwork.

Discovering and creating your artist brand will have you step out of your comfort zone. You are not only branding your artwork, but you are also branding yourself as an artist.

Just like your artwork, your brand is complex and has many layers. It has character, personality, a unique voice, a message, and flaws.

When you have finished this workbook, you will have created a brand that will reflect who you are as a person and an artist.

The goal for this workbook is to help you to identify who you are as an artist, and translate that into a visual design that everyone will remember.

Let’s start creating your brand so you can start sharing it with the world.


  • What is Your Why?
  • What Are Your Brand Specifics
  • How to Write a Slogan
  • Your Mission Statement
  • Brand’s Unique Voice and Personality
  • Finding Your Target Audience
  • It is Time to Create
  • Goals
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Create an Artist Brand Workbook

0 ratings
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